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How do I capture an employee's hourly PTO cashout when they leave?


Two best practice suggestions: 

  •  Enter PTO Payout hours onto the employee's last timesheet. Employees can only have one timesheet per timesheet period.
  •  Manually zero out the hours in the employee's accrual plan and manually enter the payout amount in the payroll file to pay the employee.

Enter PTO Payout Hours

  1. Set up a new Pay Code (i.e., PTO Payout). It should be marked as Additional Pay (Undiluted).

  2. Add the PTO payout hours to the timesheet via an admin adjustment after the timesheets are LOCKED (must be an Admin to do this).

  3. Consider using Employee Types to restrict who would have access to see this Pay Code on timesheets, so active users cannot erroneously charge to the Pay Code.

  4. The hours will need to be entered before or on the end date of the employee's accrual plan.

Adjust Accrual Plan

  1. Go to the employee's profile, select the People > List > List tab - Edit Pencil icon, then Accruals > Adjust in the left menu.

  2. Enter negative hours to cancel out the employee's accrued balance.

  3. Make sure to manually calculate the payout and include it when payroll is submitted to your payroll provider.

Additional Information

KC - Pay Codes

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