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How can I handle breaks using TITO (Time In/Time Out)?


This entry assumes TITO is being used, either daily or for specific projects. Below are two scenarios that may be addressed with the suggested solutions.


  • "Project TITO" means that Time In/Out entries are required (unless a specific project is set to not require Time In/Out entries as defined on the Project screen).
  • "Daily TITO" means that Time In/Out entries are required for the entire day's work.

Scenario Description



Employees must record the amount of time spent on a break, but do not need to record the specific time in and out when breaks happen.

Use "Daily TITO," record start and end time for the day, and enter non-work hours for total amount of time spent on breaks. Any non-work hours will not show on the timesheet.


Use "Daily TITO," enter start work time, enter end time when taking a break, and then add another line with a start work time when returning to work. Break time in between end time and start time will not show on timesheet as a break.


Employees must record specific time in and out for breaks, and show total hours (paid or unpaid) on the timesheet.

Use "Project TITO" to record break times. Follow these steps (using lunch breaks as an example):

  1. Set up a "Lunch" project with a dedicated pay code (paid, unpaid, or one of each, depending on your company policies).
  2. Require "Project TITO" for the "Lunch" project.
  3. Record lunch break time in and out to the "Lunch" project.

You can use this lunch break Project TITO in combination with Daily TITO. This is recommended, because Daily TITO and Project TITO can overlap. It may be easier for users to distribute daily time across projects without needing to record start and end times for each.

Otherwise, you can use lunch break Project TITO in addition to other Project TITOs throughout the day if needed. This is not recommended, as Project TITOs cannot overlap and users will have to enter start and end times for each project.

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Using the Time In/Out (TITO) Feature

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