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Title: Planning with open charging

Brief description:  While this is not for government contractors since it employs open charging/self assigning, this method allows for simple forecasting via plans.  The plans are then compared against actuals.

What’s covered in this document:


  • No Assignments are used; all projects allow Self-Assign and anyone can charge to anything. Not for govcons!
  • Schedule Type "Plans" are used.
    • People Plans contain hours and rates.
    • Expense Plans capture Expense forecasts.
  • Portfolio reports are run on Schedule Type "Plans," where plans are compared against actuals charged.


  • Ideal for Unanet users with entirely commercial projects (not for govcons!)
  • Only Plans are used for forecasting.
  • People easily self-assign to charge actuals.


Project Profile area:

 Navigate: Project > List > List > Edit Pencil Icon. 

Report criteria:

Navigate: Reports > Saved > Edit Pencil Icon. 

Additional Information

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