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Why am I receiving "Your password reset cannot be processed at this time" when I attempt to reset my password?


Here are the conditions that must be met to allow a user to request a password reset:

  • The Unanet instance:
    • Must have password reset enabled.
    • Must have email enabled.
  • User must provide a non-null, non-empty user name that is recognized as a Unanet username.
  • User must provide a non-null, non-empty e-mail ID that is considered valid:
    • E-mail ID must be in a valid internet e-mail address form.
    • E-mail ID must be unique across all Unanet users in the system.
  • Unanet user must be active.
  • Unanet user must NOT be locked.
  • Unanet user must NOT be a TBD user (as defined on the Person > Profile screen).

The e-mail address needs to be an exact match to the user profile, including uppercase and lowercase letters. See example below:

ProfilePassword resetEmail received

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