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The image/logo does not appear and/or "The resource of this report item is not reachable."

The default image in an invoice may display this where the image should be.


Based upon previous experience, the following may be true:

  1. Your Unanet system is On Premise.
  2. You are running SSL.
  3. You are either using a self-signed certificate, some type of reverse proxy, or both.

This error typically occurs when a self-signed SSL key is applied, or some type of proxy/redirect is occurring. The application needs to load the logo via URL to generate a PDF but is unable to access itself.

This issue does not occur when viewing the HTML version of the invoice because the browser is handling the SSL negotiation and is already aware of the specific SSL keys being exchanged.


For the SSL item, the key needs to be trusted in Java in order to resolve the issue. As a first step, check the logs to see which of the possible SSL negotiation issues it might be. Contact the Support Team at for assistance.