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On the Accrual Details report, why does the latest balance not match the Available Hours?


The Available Hours calculation includes time charged outside the date range of the report, so it does not always match the balance at the bottom of the output of the Accrual Details report.

The Available Hours balance includes time charged against the plan in the future, so that the user can determine how many hours they actually have available (taking the future charges into account).

In this example, Mike Johnson runs his User Accrual Details report and is confused by the different numbers, which do not seem to balance. The problem is that he ran it for the current year (2018) only.

The number "216" (in purple) for Balance as of is the only one that seems to balance: the balance on the day before the begin date of the report date range, 12/31/17 matches the balance shown on 1/17/18 after accruing the 2017 hours.

The lines in red confuse the matter even more: an Admin posted the 2018 yearly period on 11/27/18 before realizing it was too early and unposting 2018 on 12/5/18. This causes the balance between those two dates to be falsely inflated.

The number "16" (in green) for Available Hours does not match "104" (in yellow) Used for the end of 2018. The reason is that he has entered 11 PTO days in 2019 - an exaggerated example, but used to demonstrate the point.

When the report is run for BOT-EOT (or 2017-2020, in this case), we see that the 16 hours are the current balance when taking into account ALL PTO time currently entered. There are 104 hours remaining for the original report date range (2018 calendar year), but that is not the entire picture.

Running the Time Details report for the PTO project for Mike Johnson confirms the 200 hours (25 days x 8 hrs each) he has entered in his timesheets in 2018 and 2019. This should match the Used hours in the Accrual Summary report run for the same date range (1/1/18-12/31/20).

Running the Accrual Details report for BOT-EOT can help decipher the current balance for a user. The PTO project assignment displayed for BOT-EOT agrees with the balance of 16 hours.

Note that the Budgeted hours on the assignment is the cumulative number of hours accrued (or adjusted) since the person was associated to the accrual plan. Therefore, the assignment's hours budget will not match the Accrual Details report balances and will only match the Accrual Summary report if it is being run for the initial year of the person's association or if the report is run for BOT-EOT (or the assignment date range).

Historical Notes

Unanet went through several (evolving) versions of the Accrual Details report in an attempt to provide useful information. This particular issue came up - in which a user could have charged future time, beyond the date range of a report - which could leave the user with the impression that they had a lot of time available. The 'current year' view was deceiving because the Accrual Details report balance was not fully accurate - since other accrued hours were recorded in a future timesheet.

As such, we introduced the Available Hours field to the header section of this report in an attempt to show the user/manager/admin the number of hours that are truly currently available. In this example below (a snippet from the Help Docs) - where the Balance as of column on the reports shows that the user has 56 hours left but this user has 12 hours charged beyond the report date range – and thus the Available Hours number reflects only 44.

If this user (in screenshot below) were to go to his timesheet and attempt to record 56 hours of vacation, the system would produce an error and say that he has exceeded the budget.

Additional Information

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