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Is there a way to change the approval chain for Leave Requests only?


The Leave Request approval process follows the Time approval process so the HR person would need to be in the approval group and would therefore also approve timesheets.

A possible workaround is to use the PTO project with Project Notes as a vacation approval process. You would set up a project for time off/vacation requests so that users can create a Project Note of the type Vacation Request and create Note Statuses to indicate Vacation Request, Vacation Approved, or Vacation Disapproved.

The HR person should be set as the Project Manager, and users would have two ways of notifying him/her when they create a Vacation Request note:

  1. Select the check the box for Notify the Project Manager.
  2. Assign the HR person to the note and select the check box for Send e-mail notification to the user assigned to the note.

Here is a sample Vacation Request note:

Note Types and Statuses can be customized under Admin > Setup > Project section.

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