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How can we avoid requiring all approvers to re-approve a disapproved expense report or timesheet?


When one of the approvers disapproves an expense or timesheet, the entire item/object goes back to the employee for corrections. Examples include if you have multiple Project Approvers approving the same timesheet/expense report or if you have a manager and at least one project approver approving. 

Once re-submitted, the timesheet/expense report will go back through the entire approval process. Since the timesheet (or expense) cannot be divided between "modified" and "previously approved," any prior approvals are dropped so that the new modified timesheet (or expense) can be seen by all approvers. All approvers must see and approve the entire timesheet (or expense) because what they previously approved could have been changed.

For the same reasons, when an approver makes a change and re-submits, all approvers will see the timesheet again. When submitted by an approver, the timesheet will show on the user’s dashboard with a Review icon (blue circle check mark) next to it indicating they need to review the changes made - if your system property to Require User Review is checked (Admin > Properties > Approval Process > Reviews > Require User Review > Timesheet/Expense Reports).

If certain expense reports require multiple approvals due to frequent disapprovals, you might consider putting those types of expenses on separate expense reports, to allow other more common expenses to get through the approval process without repeated approvals.

Another efficiency here is to require users to enter comments on the Submit page whenever a timesheet or expense report has been previously submitted and is submitted again. This is a way for the end user to describe what was changed (these comments are also stored in the timesheet the audit trail). The description indicates to project approvers if their projects were impacted.

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