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Can I prevent a user from submitting an expense with the wrong project type or payment method? 


For custom validations not available in the existing expense report edits and validations, a Validation Stored Procedure (VSP) or Business Requirements Enforcement (BRE) can be implemented for the Save or Submit (or both) actions when editing an expense report. The VSP is specified in Admin > Properties > Expense > Edit Settings > Validation Options.  

In the example below, the VSP is accounting for several custom scenarios with custom language. It is preventing an expense from being submitted for the following sample reasons:

  • The expense amounts have dates that are more than x days in the past
    • The example below is more than 45 days in the past
  • The expense amounts are over a set amount for a specific expense type
    • The daily meal amount has exceeded $55
    • The cell phone charges have exceeded $175

Note: These are custom rules where you decide the thresholds, parameters, and specific language. 

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