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Why are the Per Diem rates for this location out of date?


Once your Unanet Admin downloads the formatted Per Diem rates file from the Unanet Support site and imports it into your Unanet system, the DoD location rates for a specific date range are available via (Lodging and M&IE Per Diem) Expense Type wizards. When you add a line item with an Expense Type that uses Per Diem rates, the wizard will search the imported Per Diem table for the location you specify - for the date indicated in the expense line item.

In order to have current Per Diem rates in Unanet, the Unanet administrator should import the latest Per Diem files whenever the rates are updated by DoD or GSA.

The Per Diem files are released by DoD for the Continental US (CONUS) and Outside Continental US (OCONUS). We make both available on the Support page and the CONUS file normally includes the rates for two fiscal years. If you need OCONUS rates prior to October 2018, there is a combined FY18 + FY19 OCONUS file available. We also make the Alaska and Hawaii rates available in a separate OCONUS file, to prevent having to import the entire OCONUS file if you don't need foreign (Non-US) locations.

When importing a Per Diem file, each location imported overwrites any existing data for that location. This makes it necessary to import both sets of rates for FY18 (10/1/2017 to 9/30/2018) and for FY19 (10/1/2018 to 9/30/2019) together, if you want August and September rates as well as rates for Fiscal Year 2019. We provide a combined file when the DoD file doesn't contain both Fiscal Year rates around the September - October timeframe.

Steps to download and import files

As a service to our customers, we make a formatted version (ready to import) of the latest DoD rates available on our Unanet Support page at If you don't have a login ID for our Unanet Support system, click Login and you can request an ID on the page.

For detailed information on importing Per Diem rates, see this page: KC - Quick Topic - Updating Per Diem Rates in Unanet.

Note: As an additional service, Unanet offers an automated solution for Cloud customers via the Hosted IMU to import the Per Diem rates. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in this automated solution.

By default, Unanet does not load the Per Diem rates for customers because:

  • Not all customers use the Expense module
  • Not all customers use the Expense Types that use the Per Diem functionality
  • Of the customers that do use the Per Diem feature:
    1. Some are international - and have their own locations (not the US Government locations)
    2. Some do not care to see both CONUS and OCONUS locations
    3. Some only want to see a very few specific locations (and therefore only load a tiny subset of locations)
  • The large volume of data increases the backup volume and the time required to back up.

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Updating Per Diem Rates in Unanet

Help Docs - Set up Per Diem Rates

Help Docs - Import Per Diem Rates

Help Docs - Set up Expense Types (see the Wizards Examples section for Lodging, Lodging Allowable, Lodging_Per_Diem, MIE_Allowable, and MIE_Per_Diem)