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How do I set up different per diem rates for TDY assignments?


Our suggested approach to handle this situation is to create multiple sets of per diem rates for any locations where users have extended TDY needs. That is a set of rates for 1 - 30 days, 31 - 180 days, and > 180 days. These could be differentiated in the location name.

Below are sample Per Diem import files with two viable methods of adding TDY locations. You can import the appropriate file to see how it would work and use it as a template for your TDY imports.

Example TDY per diem import - pre 10.1.csv

Example TDY per diem import - 10.1 and later.csv





TURKEY,INCIRLIK AIR BASE,2/1/2013,12/31/2049,1/1,12/31,165,80,20

TURKEY_TDY30,INCIRLIK AIR BASE,2/1/2013,12/31/2049,1/1,12/31,123.75,60,15

TURKEY_TDY180,INCIRLIK AIR BASE,2/1/2013,12/31/2049,1/1,12/31,90.75,44,11

Method 1 – Adding TDY entries as countries:

Method 2 – Adding TDY entries as cities:

Additional Information

Help Docs - Import Per Diem Rates

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