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Where can I get a list of labor charges and expenses that have not been invoiced yet?


Currently there is no one report or location within Unanet that will list all labor charges or expenses that have not been invoice yet. There are options outlined below for determining this; some may work better than others for your specific need.

A) Billing & Revenue Details Report

One option would be to run the Billing & Revenue Details Report by going to Reports > Project Accounting Reports > Billing & Revenue Details. Filter on the desired project, enter custom start and end dates as BOT - EOT, and deselect "Show Billed" in the Report on Billings section. Unbilled labor charges and expenses will be items that have a person defined but not an invoice number (see below).

Resulting output shows Unbilled not on an invoice yet and items on a draft (uncompleted) invoice. The results returned for this report (with the Show Billed box unchecked) only include items that have been posted and not yet invoiced.  

B) Billing & Revenue Post screen

You could also see a list on items that are not posted yet by navigating to Financials > Invoice & Posting > Billing & Revenue Post. Set "Include Actuals Through" date that you require, click List, and click the "Unposted Billings" number to open a Billing & Revenue Details Report. The results for this report only include items that have been extracted and not yet posted.

C) Add Invoice screen

If the items have been (B&R) posted, then the Financials > Invoice & Posting > Add Invoice > Unbilled screen will show that amount. Clicking it will run the Billing & Revenue Details report for that data.

D) Invoice Details Report

Run the Invoice Details report if there are invoices in Draft status. The example labor charges in option (C) above were added to a draft invoice in order to show how they would appear once added to a draft invoice.

The draft invoice appears on the List Invoices tab:

Those charges have been removed from the Add Invoices tab, once the draft invoice was created:

Then appear in the Billing & Revenue Details Report with the new draft invoice number: