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"Prepared or callable statement has more than 2000 parameter marker"?


You may encounter this error on the Forecast People Assigner. This is because there is a limit of 2000 parameters in a single SQL statement sent to a SQL server database. The error means that the limit has been exceeded.


The number of parameters used must be reduced. The best method to reduce the number of parameters sent is to use the report criteria filters so that individual values are not selected in the filter box. Each filtered value uses one parameter, so if you have a large number of projects/task/people selected, you can hit that upper 2000 parameter limit. The "<All Projects>" and "<All People>" indicators in the filter boxes use only one parameter each.

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  1. This is similar to, but not the same as the max parameter count value in Tomcat: Support FAQ - Planning Grid - Grid Parameters - INTERNAL. The property allocates memory in Tomcat / the servlet engine for transactions.  It is set low, around 10000, to reduce the chance of Denial of Service attacks by people intending to stop your website.  In order to handle large planning (or assigning) grids, it must be set up to 40,000 - 80,000 range. This article's "2000 callable parameter marker" is referring to the number of parameters sent to the database in a single SQL statement. Each transaction in the software takes at least one SQL statement.