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How do I create an assignment or plan for a resource by associating the assignment/plan to a task?


To be able to create an assignment or plan a task for a resource, you will need to select the MANAGE AT TASK LEVEL option on the Project Profile tab.

If you do not select MANAGE AT TASK LEVEL and try to make assignments at the task level, you will receive an error (project does not allow task level assignments) and will not be able to log time or expenses at the task level.

Important Note: Be sure to set this value appropriately prior to entering any project or task level person assignments/expense budgets. Changing this value will remove any existing assignments/expense budgets for this project.
If you do have to change this value, we suggest exporting your existing assignments first, so that you can add tasks to the export file and import it to restore the assignments with the new task.

Project Tasks List

Edit a project and select Tasks > List in the left menu. This option will display a list of Tasks for the selected project.

When associating users with the project (for assignments or plans), select People Assignments in the left menu, then click the +Assignment link.

You can select a user from the AVAILABLE PEOPLE box (use FILTER to get a list of people), select a task in the TASK FOR <project name> box, then click the blue circle arrow to make the association.
This list of Tasks will not appear when assigning users to a project that is managed at the project level.

Planning at the Project Level

If the project is identified as requiring project level assignments, but the planning was done at the task level, the user will not be permitted to create an assignment from the planned entry.

Additional Information

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