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Why am I allowed to go over hours against person/project assignment?    


Self Assign

One way this can occur is that the project is configured to allowed Self Assign. With this, the user can obtain other fields in drop downs, such as Labor Category, and make time entries other than what is configured on the assignment. This makes the time entry different from the assignment and is not constrained when saving the timesheet.

Here are two ways to investigate the most common causes of discrepancies:

  1. Check the profile for your PTO project and make sure it does not have the Self Assign box checked on the Access tab. If it does, you can run the Schedule Details report and select the Include Unscheduled Actuals check box near the bottom of the Criteria page. Uncheck the Include Date Bound Items Only box in the same section. If the report shows Unassigned Actuals, then some time charged to the PTO project was not charged via the accrual assignment and is not included in the accrual reports.
  2. Look at the person profile, click on Accruals in the left menu and make sure the user's PTO accrual plan is associated to the correct PTO project/task. If it is, run a Project Time Details report on the PTO project and compare that to the Used hours in the Accrual Details report.

You can run the attached Adhoc Report (after importing it) to identify the projects that have the Self Assign button checked.

Ad-Hoc report Criteria Self Assign is Y.xml

You can update the Self Assign value from 'Y' to 'N' by running this export template, saving the output to a file, then importing that file via the Project import. This export template will create a data file of all projects which have Self Assign set to 'Y' and creates a CSV file which will change them to 'N', with no other changes to the projects.

Project Self Assign Template Export.csv

Organizational Assignment

If you have Organizational Assignments set for the current project, these can also allow actuals to be charged to the project without a person assignment. These are considered Unscheduled or Uunassigned actuals.

In both of the cases/solutions above, there is no limit (budget) on the number of hours that can be charged.  Time charged via either one will not appear in the people assignments actuals amounts. 

You can run the Schedule Details report with these reporting options to show Unscheduled Actuals for your project: Include Unscheduled Actuals should be checked and Include Date Bound Items Only should be unchecked.

Additional Information

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