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Why can't Project Managers assign users to their projects?


To be able to assign people to the project, the Project Manager will also need the Resource Assigner role.

  • Project Manager - Users with this role are typically responsible for managing many aspects of a project and possess the ability to create and maintain projects. These users can manage all project attributes with the exception of managing Assignments and Plans (which requires the Resource Planner and Resource Assigner roles). This role can have its visibility limited (or increased) by project organizations via the Organization Access screens. Users can be associated with individual projects or associated with entire project organizations.
  • Resource Assigner - This role is necessary for the management of project Assignments. This role can have its visibility limited by both people and project organizations via the Organization Access screens.

The Resource Assigner role is found on the Person profile > Roles tab.

You may control which projects and people the Resource Assigner are able to assign via Organization Access. This feature is found in the left menu of the Person Profile. 

Within the Organization Access space, you'll notice that there are three rows for Resource Assigner:

  1. one that determines which people they can assign (Person Organizations).
  2. one that determines which Customers (Project Orgs) they can assign to.
  3. one that determines which Internal Owning Organizations they can assign to.

Click the Edit Pencil Icon next to one of the rows that has the "Resource Assigner" role. You can choose to give access to all organizations or specific organizations. Save your changes.


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