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 How can I get all outstanding timesheets through the approval process so that I can run payroll?


Make sure the Enable Administrator Bulk Approval - Timesheet property is turned on under Admin > Properties > Approval Process > Approvals.

On the Admin > Setup > Time > Time Periods > Search tab, select the Include Option to Complete All Pending Approvals for a Time Period check box.

On the List tab, there will be a blue circle check mark beside any time period that has timesheets in approval queues.

Note that this does not include MISSING timesheets that have not been created for a given time period, nor INUSE timesheets that have not been submitted. 

If you also need MISSING or INUSE timesheets to be created/submitted/approved, you will have to do this for each user on the People > List page (clicking on the list timesheets icon for each user). You should create and submit these timesheets prior to running the Bulk Approve in order to save time.

Additional Information

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