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What could have caused timesheet entries to "disappear"?


The following are considerations in resolving "lost" time entries:

  • Audit Trail:
    • If you are using the audit trail (Enable Timesheet Audit Trail is checked in Admin > Properties > Time > Edit Settings), this tracks any change made in the timesheet. Possibly this could shine some light on what occurred.
    • If not, it is possible for an end user to delete timesheet entries.  
  • Wrong timesheet:
    • The user may be editing the wrong timesheet - possibly a future timesheet believing it is the current timesheet.
  • Filling out the timesheet without saving:
    • The user may fail to click Save on their timesheet, and then closes the browser or shuts down their machine (hence the time is not saved).
  • Multiple browsers open:
    • The user may have multiple browsers or browser tabs open to the timesheet. In one, a few entries are made without hitting Save. In another, they make other changes and hit Save. Subsequently, they find themselves back on the original browser/tab and upon hitting Save on that window. The timesheet is updated to look like that version effectively removing the entries they had made in the first tab.