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How do I show resource allocation by project?


The Project Periodic Performance Report or People Periodic Performance Report can be used to show resource allocation among different projects.

The reports display by person (x-axis) and by month (y-axis). Note that it may also be run to show billable utilization and non-billable utilization, and can be run to provide a forecast of utilization in a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly layout. Using the available selection criteria, you can summarize the output by a variety of attributes (e.g., by Project, Person, Labor Category, Expense Type, etc.).

To view utilization by Project, the output to select should include FTE information. Note that the FTEs will be calculated based on a standard 40-hour week (assuming Monday through Friday are business days). For example, in a report displaying the results in the "Week" format, 40 hours = 1, 80 hours = 2. For a report displaying the results in the "Month" format, we first calculate the number of hours in the month based on number of 8 hour business days in that month, and then divide by the number of hours in that period.

As an example, in the first screenshot below, we can see that Chad User has .61 FTE for the month of July for the CONTENT-PRODUCTION project. Given this calculation, the report is stating that Chad User is 61% utilized for that month for that particular project.

These Periodic Performance Reports can be configured to answer a variety of questions regarding how booked a person is, in terms of actual, assigned, or planned hours:

  • What is my resources’ billable utilization by project?
  • Are my resources reaching billable goals by project?
  • Are resources under or over utilized project?

This report is available with the Unanet Project Portfolio license type.

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