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Title: Recording incidental expenses related to MIE per diems

Brief description:

This entry outlines the behavior of the two MIE (Meals and Incidental Expense) wizards related to incidental expenses, and suggests options for usage.

What’s covered in this document:

MIE Per Diem Wizard

The MIE Per Diem wizard is the only per diem wizard that should be allowed when using incidentals, since those incidental amounts are included automatically via the MIE breakdown table or percentages. This wizard should be used when the entire per diem amount should be reimbursed to the employee, less any meals provided.

If you need to key in the exact amounts by meal, then use the MIE Allowable wizard in the section below - and note that any incidentals will need to be lumped into the amounts for meals.

Checking the boxes above for Meals Provided will decrement the USD Amount. Incidental per diem caps will be represented as follows:

  • If you have imported the MIE Breakdown table: The exact amount listed in the Incidentals column.
    • Example: If the per diem amount is $66, and the Incidentals amount is $13, then $13 will be used. 
  • If you are using percentages in the Admin Properties > Expense > Wizard Settings (second screenshot below): The Per Diem amount less the percentages for meals as you have defined in the properties.
    • Example: If the Per Diem amount is $66, and you have your properties set to include custom percentages (screenshot below), then $13 will also be used  (0.15 * 66, or 9.90) + (0.25 * 66, or 16.50) + (0.40 * 66, or 26.40) = $52.80.  $66 - $52.80 = $13.20.

MIE Allowable Wizard

The MIE Allowable wizard should only be used if you are willing to lump incidentals in on the meal lines themselves. This is because this Allowable wizard may be used to enter expense amounts by meal only. Note that any incidental expenses will need to be included with meal amounts. For example, if Breakfast was $10 and incidentals were $10, you would enter $20 on the row for Breakfast.

This wizard also allows you to put in actual amounts so that any amounts over and above the per diem are reimbursed to the employee but not passed on to the client.

Note the scenario below where meal amounts total $80, and the per diem is $104. Once the wizard is saved, only the sum of the meal amounts is included in the expense report. If you need to have the full $104 reimbursed, then use the MIE Per Diem (above) instead of the MIE Allowable wizard, or lump the incidentals into the meal amount lines.

Once the wizard is saved, the final amount displays on the expense report.  The overage item is flagged and the Wizard Summary shows the allowable amount.

Additional Information

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