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Title: Shifting Plans/Assignments

Brief description:

Once plans and assignments have been created, they can be moved between different time periods. The steps below outline how to shift plans, but the same steps also apply to shifting assignments.

What’s covered in this document:

Steps to Shift Plans/Assignments

Navigate to the People Planner in the Forecast dashboard (or People Assigner for assignments).

On the Search tab, enter your desired criteria. Refer to KC - Quick Topic - Basic Labor Planning in the Grid for more information on the various criteria.

On the Plan tab (or Assign tab for assignments):

  1. Select the check box next to the people who's plans you would like to shift.
  2. Enter the number of periods to shift.
  3. Click on "Shift Left" or "Shift Right" depending on the direction you would like to move the plans. Note that you cannot shift plans outside of the time periods displayed in the planning grid.

Navigate: Forecast > People Planner > Plan.

Clicking on "Shift Right" in the above screenshot would move the plans three periods to the right, as shown below:

Video Demonstration

See below for a video demonstration of the three steps outlined above.

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Basic Labor Planning in the Grid

KC - Quick Topic - Basic Expense Planning in the Grid

KC - Quick Video - Tips for using the Grid Planner & Assigner

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