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When should I use Org Assignments?


Organization assignments allow you to assign any person organization to a particular project. The beauty of Org Assignments is that once an Org is assigned, any individuals who are added to that organization over time will automatically receive that project as available in their timesheet.

Best Practices include:

  • Use Org Assignments for internal projects like Jury Duty, Bereavement, etc.
  • Use Org Assignments for any project that you want to open up for charge to any group of people


  • Org Assignments are made at the project level. People can charge to tasks, if any, but Manage at Task Level (assigning at the task level) must be turned off
  • Dates of the assignment are always the project/task dates
  • Any other settings in the regular assignment are typically unavailable in Org Assignments (labor category overrides, cost element overrides, bill/cost rate overrides). These settings will always pull from the system derived labor categories, cost elements, bill/cost rates, etc. For this reason, Org Assignments are typically used for internal projects.
  • Budgets are a feature of regular assignments but not Org Assignments

Additional Information

Help Docs - Project Organization Assignments

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