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Can I link to sections inside a Help doc?


There are times when you may wish to link to a section within a Help documentation page, instead of linking to the page and landing at the top of the page. For example, you may wish to link directly to the section within the Project Billing page that pertains to Fixed Price items. Instructions are below.

  1. Search in the Help docs for the topic that you want, e.g., Project Billing.
  2. Right click on that topic in the left menu and choose "Copy link address" (this may vary slightly by browser).
  3. Paste that link into a browser window, e.g.
  4. Scroll to the section in the help document you want to link to (Fixed Price section in the Project Billing page).
  5. If a header displays that is clickable, right click it (as in the Fixed Price option in the screenshot below) to acquire the link.
  6. If the header does not display, then:
    1. Right click on the search result in the left menu and paste that link into a browser.
    2. Add to the url “#[section name here]”, for example:
      1. might be the search result.
      2. and you would add "#Fixed_Price" to it.

Once you have the link, you can use it in an email or document.


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