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Occasionally you may have the need to Unpost a posted transaction. This document provides information regarding the Billing and revenue Unpost. This process is used to undo a previous Billing and Revenue Post for one or many projects. Unposting a previous Billing and Revenue Post will permanently erase any evidence of a the selected posting(s). When running an Unpost, there is no audit trail showing that the original Post occurred nor will there be any audit trail that an Unpost occurred (this includes the General Ledger details for Financials customers).  

Quick Steps

  1. Navigate to the Financials > Invoicing & Posting > Billing & Revenue UnpostHere you can filter on various project parameters as desired, or can run with no filters applied to select all available projects. 

  2. Once you have entered the desired parameters and dates, select the List tab. This displays the previous Billing & Revenue Posts performed.  Select the desired items and click Unpost.

  3. Once the Unpost is run, you will see feedback written to the screen that will indicate the projects and status of each project included in the Unpost. Should any unexpected issues be encountered, additional details will be written to the screen for the effected project(s).

Other Information

Entries may not be available for unposting for the following reasons:

The Billing & Revenue Post is associated with an Invoice.

The associated invoice will need to be deleted. NOTE: This invoice may also be associated with a Customer Payment. In order to correct:

  • Unpost Customer Payment(s) applied to Invoice.
  • Within Unposted Customer Payment(s), ensure the specific invoice is no longer selected.
  • Un-Complete the Invoice.
  • Delete the Invoice.
  • Unpost Billing & Revenue.
The Billing & Revenue Post desired is not the latest Billing and Revenue Post.Unpost any Billing & Revenue posts made after the one in question. May require the steps noted above.
The Billing & Revenue Post is attributed to a closed fiscal period.Reopen the period in which the post was made. May require reopening multiple periods, and may require the steps noted above.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Billing and Revenue Unpost

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