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This document provides information regarding the Expense Report Cost Unpost process. The Expense Report Unpost can be performed for one or several expense reports. Unposting a previous post will permanently erase any evidence of a particular post. When running an unpost, there is no audit trail showing that the original post occurred nor will there be any audit trail that an unpost occurred.   


Expense reports can be unposted by a user having any of the following roles: Administrator, P&R Administrator, or GL Admin.

Expense reports can be unposted individually or in bulk.  

Unposting the expense report:

  • Removes all journal transactions and general ledger entries related to that specific post from the Unanet Journal and General Ledger.  
  • Does not add new entries to reflect a reversal of the original post. Those entries that were originally added to the Unanet Journal as a result of the posting activities are simply deleted.
  • Makes the unposted expense report available to be included in a subsequent post.

Expense reports posted to a closed fiscal period cannot be unposted.

Quick Steps

Individual or Bulk Expense Report Cost Unpost

  1. Navigate to Financials > Invoicing & Posting > Expense Report Cost Unpost.

  2. On the Search tab, select the desired criteria to search for the expense report(s) you wish to unpost.
    1. Note: Select the Show Expense Reports check box in the LIST OPTIONS section so that you can identify the specific expense report numbers you are targeting on the List tab.

  3. Select the List tab to see the expense reports that meet the Search criteria.

  4. Select the check boxes for the expense reports you would like to unpost.
    1. Note: Selecting the check box in the header row will select all listed expense reports.

  5. Click Unpost to unpost the expense reports from the General Ledger.


The unpost functionality is available to users with the following Financials roles on their person profile: Administrator, P&R Administrator, and GL Admin.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Reports - Expense Report Cost Unpost

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