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How can I get a GCS Contract Revenue Summary report?


Option 1 - Unanet report

The Project Revenue & Funding Summary report (under Project Accounting Reports > Summary Reports on the Reports dashboard) is the Unanet equivalent canned report for the GCS "Contract Revenue Summary" report.

In the report criteria screen, choose applicable criteria for running the report, such as provisional or actual indirect rates and sorting options. For an unrolled version, check the "Show Tasks" box in the Reporting Options section.

Option 2 - Refreshable Web Query

The Refreshable Web Query (RWQ) outlined below can pull Unanet report information into a format that has just one row per project with current period, year-to-date, and contract-to-date amounts.

You can download the following Excel template to use in setting up your report: RWQ - Contract Revenue Summary.xlsx.

The tabs should be populated as follows:

  • "Project RWQ" - This is an Adhoc that pulls basic project attributes like project code, total value, billing type.
  • "Project Master" - This is slightly formatting the Adhoc to concatenate the Customer and Project.
  • "CTD" - This is a Unanet report called Project Summary by Cost Element with a date range of Contract-To-Date (BOT to Today in the saved report).
  • "YTD" - Same as CTD except date range of Year to Date. 
  • "Current Period" - Same as CTD except date range of current month.
  • "Contract Revenue Summary" - Pulls together via Excel formulas the CTD, YTD, Current Period amounts into one view or presentation.

For more information about setting up a RWQ, please use the link below.

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Refreshable Web Queries

KC - FAQ - What Unanet reports can I use to replace my old GCS reports?

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