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What is the My Projects button on the timesheet for?


The My Projects button serves two main purposes:

  1. To self-assign.
    Allowing users to assign themselves to projects is a setting on the Project Profile, and can vary by project. Typically, the right side of the My Projects page will only show the projects the user is assigned to. However, when the self-assign box has been checked, all projects that allow self-assignments will appear in the AVAILABLE PROJECTS(/TASKS) panel on the left (see screenshot below). The user can then move the available project(s) from the left panel to the SELECTED PROJECTS(/TASKS) panel and it will now appear in their dropdown menu in the actual timesheet.

  2. To remove projects you do not use often and minimize the data in your dropdown menu.
    Depending on the data volumes and the project settings in your system, each user may have many project/tasks available. To avoid presenting too much data in the dropdown menu, a user can move unused or rarely used projects from the right SELECTED PROJECTS(/TASKS) to the left by using the blue circle arrows in the center. Two things to note here are that: removing a project does not unassign a user (unless self-assign is being used) and two, if a user is finding that a project does not appear as an option in their time sheet dropdown menu, this is likely the culprit.


Click My Projects while editing a timesheet. OR, select Time > My Projects from the dashboard listings.

Additional Information

Help Docs - My Projects

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