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How do I transfer accrued hours for an employee from one accrual plan to another?


Follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the new accrual plan is set up.

  2. Make sure that all the timesheets or timesheet corrections to date have been processed in the system (if you need to move time on previous timesheets with the accrual plan project, there will be extra steps involved because the assignment will have zero hours).

  3. Under the specific employee’s profile, pull up Accruals and click the +Associate w/ Accrual Plan link.

  4. Choose the new ACCRUAL PLAN, enter the ACCRUAL BEGIN DATE, choose the PROJECT, and designate the INITIAL BALANCE.
    To transfer the balance from an existing plan, click the radio button for TRANSFER BALANCE FROM AN EXISTING ACCRUAL PLAN.
    Use the dropdown menu to choose the previous ACCRUAL PERIOD (If transferring a balance, the previous accrual posting has to occur before the new accrual begin date).
    Click Save.

  5. The following message will come up. If you have no known timesheets or timesheet corrections prior to the new accrual begin date for the employee, click OK.
    If you do, click Cancel and process the timesheets/timesheet corrections prior to moving the employee to the new accrual plan.

  6. After clicking OK, you will see both associated Accrual Plans with their Begin and End Dates.

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