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Should I set up a separate legal entity in a separate instance of Unanet?


Below are some considerations when deciding whether separate legal entities should be set up in the same instance of Unanet or in separate instances.

Possible reasons to set up in same instance:

  • Admins have access to all the information and settings for both companies.
  • Property settings apply to both companies.
  • Ability to share Chart of Accounts for more consistent consolidation.
  • Shared infrastructure and standardized processes.
  • Logging into one database to enter transactions and run reports.

Possible reasons to have separate instances:

  • Multi-national company operating with different currencies.
  • Multi-national companies with different privacy laws (retention of data about people).
  • Different compliance requirements (i.e. do not want to turn on audit trail if DCAA compliance not needed).
  • Any differences in property settings (dilution on and dilution off, two currencies, Show Task in timesheet and don't show task in timesheet, etc).
  • Two separate types of businesses that require completely different Chart of Accounts or different configurations (i.e. a government contractor and a non-profit).
  • Two sets of management and neither wanted the other to have access to their books.
  • System administrators do not have access to each other's information or property settings.
  • Different Fiscal Years.

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