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What's the best way to determine if a Project Resource Assigner can assign a Person to their Project?


The Resource Assigner must have Organization Access to the Person they wish to assign. Follow these steps if there is an issue with a Resource Assigner being able to assign a person to the project.

Check the Organization to which the assignee belongs. You can do this with a quick People listing from the People dashboard. An Administrator, HR Administrator or Manager can view this list. Here we see that Betty BusDev is a member of the Person Organization BD.

Navigate: People > List > List.

Now, check the Organization Access for the Resource Assigner for the Project. Let's say that the Resource Assigner is Frank T. Controller. By looking at the Person Profile > Organization Access menu, we see that Frank's Organization Access does not include the BD organization. So Frank cannot make Project assignments for Betty.

Additional Information

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