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What are Business Rules Enforcement, Validation Stored Procedures, and more?


Business Rules Enforcement and Validation Stored Procedures (VSP) refer to the same need: custom notifications and validations in the Unanet system. This may include things such as timesheets, expense reports, manager approval screens, budgets, and more. 

Business Rules Enforcement may also be accomplished by the Automated Analyst/Integration Management Utility (IMU). 

Technically, Business Rules Enforcement is the definition of what the rules are and how you want to enforce them, while VSPs and the IMU are the technical methods for enforcing these rules (via database stored procedures). 

CFOs, Controllers, Program Managers, and other business roles may relate more quickly to the term "Business Rule Enforcement," while technical staff may relate more quickly to the term VSPs or IMUs.

Three solutions offer controls in how you run your business: 

  1. Native Unanet functionality 
    • Native Unanet functionality includes features that limit hours or funding that may be charged. For example, assignments can cap hours by person, and you can also limit billing and revenue to be the funded value less fee. These examples are found in the Project profile. 

  2. VSP (Validation Stored Procedure)
    • Custom controls are available so that you can define custom rules around timesheets, expense reports, manager approval screens, and financial documents. For example, in the timesheet you can control that overtime charges are made appropriately, or that there is a minimum number of hours in the timesheet per period. Examples of VSPs on financial documents include enforcing that at least one document is attached when submitting a financial document, or requiring that the proper account type is used.

  3. Automated Analyst/IMU (Integration Management Utility)
    • Use of the IMU allows you to focus on data awareness, analysis, and integrity. Automated export/import functionality may be created to enforce your specific business rules. For example, you can have project budgets always be the sum of task budgets, or ensure that plans always follow assignments. 

For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

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