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When does a write-off show up on the JSR?


This depends on the type of write-off, whether Invoice write-offs or Customer Payment write-offs. 

Invoice write-offs will show up on the JSR.

Note: If the item should have been non-billable, ascertain if you can fix the classification. For example, should a timesheet be adjusted to move hours to NB (non-billable)? This will allow you to show it in the non-billable section instead of as a write-off. 

  • How to do it: Revenue associated with Invoice write-offs may be mapped in your Cost Report definition in Admin > Setup > Accounting > Cost Reports.

  • Customer Payment write-offs will not show up by default on the JSR. 

Accounts Receivable (AR) Small Balance write-offs taken at customer payment time are not reflected on the project itself since they are applied against an invoice document (which could contain multiple projects) rather than the project itself.

  • If you would like to show the Customer Payment write-off on the JSR:

    • Option 1: If the goal is to reduce revenue and AR, enter a credit memo for the amount of the reduction. Then apply a Customer Payment against both the original invoice and the credit memo for the net amount.
    • Option 2: Create an Expense Type associated with a Cost Element and map to an account code requiring a Project. Ensure that the Cost Element is mapped in your Cost Report.

Additional Information

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