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Does Unanet offer the ability to display in multiple languages?


Unanet is an English language product. 

Some customers have had success using Unanet in other languages using browser translation services. For example, those of Chrome. Here is an example, Chrome's Translator plug-in:

Each browser will have its own mode of offering the translation. Sometimes there is a popup, or sometimes you can go into the browser's settings to change the language. See first and second screenshots below. There are also options to translate only one page or one time, or to always translate.  

Important Notes and Considerations:

  1. The translations are completely handled by the browser and not by Unanet. Unanet is in no way responsible for any non-English translation that may or may not be appropriate or correct. For example, the "ETC" submenu item in the screenshot (which we understand in English as abbreviation for “Estimate To Complete”) is literally translated by Chrome as the abbreviation used in English “etc”/”et cetera”, or translated “ETCETERA”. This is not intended by Unanet and is not meaningful. There will be times that the translation is not appropriate to Unanet's intention, and Unanet has no control over that.
  2. Some translations don’t fully work because a term may not have an exact translation in the added language.  The third screenshot below shows most but not all terms translated in Italian. 

Before committing to using a browser translation service on the Unanet web product, we recommend that you have a native speaker in the foreign language vet the original Unanet in English against the browser-translated Unanet in the other language to confirm usability.

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