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"The dependency change you attempted would result in a task date range outside the BOT - EOT range."

You may get the error message when saving updates to task dependencies or date ranges.


This error occurs when:

  1. Task dates are changed so that a previously defined dependency becomes impossible.
  2. Task dependencies are changed so that the dates are impossible to line up.

In the screenshot below, Task 6 has a Finish-to-Start dependency on Task 5. If you edit the dates of Task 5 to be BOT-EOT, you will get the error because it is impossible for Task 6 to have a Begin Date after EOT.

Conversely, if Task 5 already has dates set as BOT - EOT, you will not be able to make Task 6 dependent (Finish-to-Start) on Task 5.


Edit task dates and dependencies as appropriate so they are possible to accommodate.

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