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Is there a way to automatically populate the import invoice feature used to add additional items to existing Invoices?  


Importing additional items to existing invoices can be completed using the Import Invoice option found in the Financials > Invoicing & Posting menu in Unanet. Specific instructions on how to use this import can be found in the Importing Invoices with Additional Items link under Additional Information. 

Because the import requires so many of the fields to be populated, Unanet has provided a template that exports AR data into the format required for importing Additional Items onto draft invoices: Existing Invoice Additional Item Import.csv. You can import this template using the steps on the link in the Additional Information section below.

The export will pull all required information from existing Invoices such as Project Org Code, Project Code, Invoice number, Invoice date, etc. In addition, you can customize the export to populate the ADDL_ITEM_TYPE or ADDL_ITEM_DESCRIPTION fields with the customer's billing state code or other identifier. Next, you can manually enter the tax amount into the export. That export can then be saved as a csv file and imported to add the additional items on all of the invoices in the file. 

Note: Additional items can only be imported on to draft invoices, and cannot be used for completed or extracted invoices.

Additional Information

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