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How do I reflect a subcontractor's unavailability once the termination date of their contract has occurred?


Usually planning in Unanet is done to represent planned work on real projects. Instead, this solution uses plans on a dummy project simply to represent blackout dates of when subcontractors are not available due to their contract expiration.

Set up a project called CONTRACTOR_TERMINATION (as an example name) and plan subcontractors on this project at capacity starting with the subcontractor's termination date.

If a subcontractor's termination date has been reached, a contract manager could plan the subcontractors to be unavailable after their termination date.

You can quickly populate the entire grid/row with "1" FTE value by double-clicking in the upper left Person cell of the grid. 

When a resource planner checks the availability of these subcontractors, they will appear as unavailable from their termination dates.

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