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Title: Updating M&IE (Meals and Incidentals) Breakdowns in Unanet

Brief description:

This Quick Topic will cover the process of updating M&IE breakdowns in Unanet.

What’s covered in this document:

Update process

You can download the per diem and M&IE files from the Unanet website and import them into your Unanet system to update the rates and breakdowns. Note that these values are not updated automatically in the system.

The downloads are available here with instructions in the Additional Information section below.

Note that if you are using a version of Unanet prior to the current version, you will need to specify that version on this page before downloading the file.

M&IE files

Percentage breakdown

By default, the breakout of per diem rates into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and incidental amounts is based on percentages specified in Expense property settings (Admin > Properties > Expense > Wizard Settings > Meals and Incidentals Breakdown).

Dollar amount breakdown

If instead of using percentages you would like to specify dollar amounts, then you may import the specific breakdown per rate (for example, that $46 has $x for breakfast, $y for lunch, $z for dinner, and $q for incidentals). Once imported, the percentages in the Admin Properties are disregarded and the breakdown values in the import file are used instead.

There are two sample files of M&IE rates available here. They are:

  1. M&IE_breakdown_rates_GSA.csv, typically used for systems that are only using CONUS files.
    1. This file contains the standard six M&IE reimbursement rates for all locations in the Continental United States (CONUS) and the breakdown of those daily rates between breakfast, lunch, dinner, and incidentals.
  2. M&IE_breakdown_table.csv.
    1. This is a comprehensive table with breakdowns for every rate from $1 through $265 that is designed for Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) locations.

Note that the breakdown between the different meals and the incidentals is different between the CONUS rates and the OCONUS rates tables. For example, a full day M&IE rate of $46 in the CONUS table provides $23 for dinner, whereas the same $46 daily rate provides $18 for dinner in the OCONUS table.

If you would like to use CONUS rates for those values but will also need the OCONUS rates, load the M&IE_breakdown_table.csv file first, then load the M&IE_breakdown_rates_GSA.csv file. The GSA values will override the six overlapping rows upon import.

Purge First

For the Purge First option on the Unanet Import, consult the Help Doc link on Import Per Diems below.

Additional Information

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