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This presumes Scenario A, where time is recorded in Unanet timesheets. For the full workflow and steps, please use this link: Scenario A.

When creating a Vendor Invoice, in order for a timesheet to appear as Matched Labor on a Vendor Invoice:

  1. You must have created a PO Assignment for the subs for whom you want the timesheet to be matched (prior to the timesheet reaching the COMPLETED status).
    1. Note: When creating a PO Assignment, if you don't see your transactions, expand the Transaction Through Date (otherwise it defaults to Document Date).
  2. The Vendor and Purchase Order # need to be populated on the Vendor Invoice.

Matched labor on the vendor invoice only pertains to three-way matched labor.

Additional information

KC - FAQ - What is a two-way match Purchase Order and a three-way match Purchase Order?

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