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How do I use facial recognition or touch ID to log in on my smartphone?


The steps below apply to iPhone users with the facial recognition or touch ID capabilities.

Step 1: Enable iCloud Drive

Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > turn on iCloud Drive

Step 2: Save credentials

Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords > "+" in upper right to add > enter your company's Unanet mobile site and your User Name and Password > Done

Step 3: Log in with credentials

When you open the Unanet Mobile Timesheet from your home screen, tap into the user name or password fields. Choose "Passwords" (right above the keyboard) and select the credentials you entered earlier from the list.

After successful facial recognition or touch ID, your user name and password will be populated, and you can log in.


  • If you close the Safari app (by swiping up from the list of recently used apps), you will need to redo the last step above.
  • If you log out, without closing the Safari app, there will be a shortcut to use the same credentials as your last login.

Additional Information

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