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Title: How do I correct, delete, or void an expense amount?

Brief description:

When expenses need to be corrected, the options vary based on many factors including:

  • Which status the expense voucher is in.
  • Whether the voucher can or should be deleted entirely and recreated, or if a new correcting voucher should be created.
  • If locked/extracted, whether the voucher has been posted.

For example, once an expense voucher has been locked or extracted, it may no longer be edited. Once it has gone through an invoicing process, it may not be deleted. You may consider retaining the original voucher in order to preserve the approval history and voucher number.

This is unlike timesheets, which allow adjusting entries to be made to locked/extracted timesheets via Adjustments.

What’s covered in this area:

Expenses that are neither Locked or Extracted

Locked or Extracted Expenses, but not posted to GLLocked or Extracted Expenses, posted to GL
Editing Expenses in the User InterfaceYESNONO
Deleting Expenses via Delete option on ImportNO YESNO
Voiding Expenses in the User InterfaceNOYESYES

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