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Does Unanet allow someone to perform edits on a specific group of user accounts?


Yes, this can happen via either Administrator or HR Administrator roles.  

Edit in the user interface:

Either Admins or HR Admins can edit person records. The person records that HR Admins can edit can be restricted by person organization. For example, you might grant edit access to HR Admins for only the person records in the person organizations of "Development" and "Sales."  

By clicking on People > List > List tab, the HR Admin will see only the people of the organizations they are allowed to see.

Note: HR Admins can also see cost/pay information.

Admins can edit any record and can filter for only the organizations/groups they want.

Edit via export/import:

Note: Only Admins can export/import people.

Activation/Deactivation on a specific group of user accounts is easily handled by a Unanet Administrator through the following steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Export > List and scroll down to the IMPORT TEMPLATES section.
  2. Find the Person template and click the blue arrow to run it.
  3. Use the Search criteria to filter by PERSON Organization or Name.
  4. Click Run Export and then click Download the file (bottom left) to load the data into Excel.
  5. Modify the value in Column W to be "N" which is the Active status flag.
  6. Save the file using the file type CSV.
  7. Go to Admin > Import  For TYPE OF IMPORT select Person.
  8. For FILE TO IMPORT, click Choose File and navigate to the CSV file.  Click Import.

A user with the HR Administrator role can export the records and edit the file as in steps 1-5 above, but would need an Admin to import it for them.

Additional Information

Help Docs - People Organization Access

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