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What is the difference between Shared Documents versus Project Notes?


Project Notes

  • Project Notes allow you to create a collaboration between multiple people so everyone is aware of the activities occurring on the project. You can assign to do's, email project notes, and attach a relevant document to the project note. Project Notes may be restricted by role. For more information on Project Notes, please see this page: KC - Quick Topic - Project Notes.

Shared Document

  • The Shared Document is a utility currently associated with Purchase Orders and Requisitions. It allows you to restrict visibility to documents via Org Access, to maintain confidentiality. Shared Documents are mostly used to keep documentation about confidential legal agreements between an organization and its vendors. If you have multiple POs with the same vendor, and the POs need to refer to the same Master Agreement, you can upload the one Master Agreement using the shared document utility and then link the shared document to all the vendor’s POs.

Additional Information

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