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How do approvals and partial approvals work?


There are 3 types of approvals available:

  1. Manager (approval group)
  2. Project approvals
  3. Customer approvals

Most Unanet customers use a combination of manager and project approvals.

If manager approvals are in place, managers will always approve the entire timesheet (this includes any direct and indirect charges). You could also set up hierarchical approval structures so that a timesheet would route to Manager A, then Manager B, then Manager C, etc. 

If project approvals are in place, Project Approvers only approve the portion of the timesheet that pertains to their project. There is optionally a property which when turned on allows project approvers to see the entire timesheet but still only approve their portion of the timesheet. Also, Project Manager approvals are required on a project-by-project basis. For example, Project A could require Project Manager Approval, while Project B would not. 

If customer approvals are in place, Customers only approve the portion of the timesheet that pertains to their project. 

If any combination of manager approvals/project approvals/customer approvals are in place, then all of the above statements apply.

Occasionally, the situation arises as follows: a person submits the timesheet with charges to multiple projects, the timesheet is partially or fully approved, and then the person will need to make a change to one project on the timesheet and pull it back into use. After editing, the person submits the timesheet, and it flows back to the same project approvers as before, as well as the manager. This is because while the person only edited one project, they may have touched other projects as well.

One efficiency here is to require users to enter comments on the Submit page whenever a timesheet or expense report has been previously submitted and is submitted again. This is a way for the end user to describe what was changed (these comments are also stored in the timesheet the audit trail). The description indicates to project approvers if their projects were impacted.

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