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Title: Graphical Cost/Revenue Bar and Line Chart (P&L) and other Uses

Brief description:

This click-through chart provides a periodic view of any of the Cost Elements created in the Project Cost Summary Report (JSR). This gives users the ability to see and compare various cost elements such as labor, ODC's, total costs, profit and even fee and indirect elements if they choose.

What’s covered in this document:

Creating a click through profit and loss

Selecting Report Criteria

  1. From the Reports Dashboard, Project Accounting Reports section, choose the periodic report titled Cost Summary Bar & Line Chart.
  2. In the selection criteria, choose the project or projects for which you wish to generate this report. This can be run for individual projects or multiple projects rolled up into one chart.
  3. Similar to other Unanet Accounting Reports, this report can be run on select project types, statuses and conditions.
  4. Under the SHOW IN CHART section, select the elements you wish to see and compare in the report. You can also show periodic bars, lines or both when running this report.
  5. If you are including Cost Plus projects when running this report, choose the INDIRECT COST RATE you wish to use when generating the report (Target, Provisional or Actual).
  6. Select the periodic REPORTING PERIOD you wish to view the report in as well as the start date and  number of periods.
  7. In the SCHEDULE TYPE section, you can choose to run this report on Budgets, Plans, Actuals or a combination of Budgets and Actuals/Plans and Actuals with actuals through a specific date.
  8. On the click-through options, you can choose to view the data used to create this chart (the Project Cost Summary report) in summary (Roll up all selected projects into a single block) or by project.
  9. Similar to all other Unanet Reports, you can choose which ADJUSTMENTS and Expense data (INCLUDE EXPENSE REPORTS section) will be included in the report.
  10. You will want to show the legend (CHART OPTIONS section) in this report for informational purposes.

Running the Report

  1. Below is a sample of the Project Periodic Cost Summary Bar & Line Chart configured as a P&L. You can see in this example that the group of projects included in this report became profitable in April.
  2. Click into any line or bar on the report to drill down to the related periodic Cost Summary report.
  3. Hover over any points or bars to see the related text labels.

Periodic Comparison of Labor to ODCs

This report can be used to generate a periodic comparison of the Direct Labor to ODC's. 

Periodic Comparison of Indirect Rates

This report can be used to generate periodic comparison of the Indirect charges.

Notes about using the Cost Summary Bar & Line Chart

Prerequisites to using the Cost Summary Bar and Line Chart.

  • Only Projects having a Cost Structure indicated will be included in the reporting output.
  • This report is available for Project Administrators that also have one of the following roles: Cost Rate Manager, Billing Manager or Billing Viewer. (If you have the Allow Cost Reporting For Non-Cost Rate Managers property set (Admin > Properties > Unanet > Access/Permissions), non-Cost Rate Managers will see the report.)
  •  At least one Cost Report line item must be specified in order for the chart to generate and you may include up to three.
  • You must display Bars, Lines or both in order to run this report.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Cost Summary Bar & Line Chart

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