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What's the best way to set Org Access for Reporting?


Keep in mind that just checking the box for a role on a person profile Roles tab does not by default give a person permission to see any report data. In addition to giving the person a role, you must specify either project admin access (on the project profile - Administrators section) or Org access (in the person profile left menu.)

(Note that this default is a property setting - if instead your desire is to grant access to all people and all projects merely by granting a role, this can be changed in the property settings)

If you choose to grant access via Org access, then follow these steps:

  1. View the Organizations, either project or person, that you wish to grant access to. You can do this with a quick People listing from the People dashboard, or a quick Project listing from the Project dashboard.

    For example, here we see that Frank Controller is a member of the Person Organization FN-ACCOUNTING.

  2. Now, check the Organization Access for the person you are trying to grant reporting access to and note the "Access Type" Chris Director needs to be able to see Frank Controller in her People Reports. By looking at the Person profile > Organization Access menu, we see that Director's Organization Access is set to none for Viewer.

Note: For Access Types: Person, Project or Owning. Project means Project Org access to Project reports, or edit/assign/plan projects, depending on the role. Person means Person Org access to People reports or to assign/plan people, depending on the role. Owning means Owning Org access to Project reports, or edit/assign/plan projects, depending on the role. For Organization/Legal Entity Access: Org Access may be left to None, if you are granting access to projects via project profile Administrators, or to people via Manager/Approver of an approval group. Otherwise, None may be blocking the person's access.

  1. Click the edit pencil on the Viewer role to view/edit the Organization Access. For Director to see the data for Frank's Organization on his People Reports, we will need to add that Organization by clicking the Selected radio button (it was None), and then checking the FN-ACCOUNTING checkbox.  

Additional Information

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