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How can I set up my projects to include multiple projects on one invoice?



Unanet allows invoicing multiple projects on one invoice. This may satisfy the requirement to "bill by customer". Each project billed out of Unanet will need to setup the billing in Unanet for each project and designation whether the project is:

    • Lead Project – defines the invoice formatting and numbering for the group of projects.
    • Contributor Project – will inherit the LEAD project's invoice formats, contacts.

In order to bill multiple projects on one invoice, the projects will need to be grouped as "contributor" projects under a "lead" project. The "lead" project will likely have no charges; only the contributor projects will have charges. 

Note: You can bill projects together that are of different Billing Types (CP, TM, FP projects all on one invoice if desired.)

Navigate: Project > List > List > Billing > Invoice Setup. 

Project Type Specifics:

  • LEAD PROJECTS: For each Customer (Unanet Organization), a Lead Project must be created.

    • Project Type suggested – BILLING_LEAD. Note: You can then create a saved list of projects that excludes this Project Type in order to not clutter your project list.

    • Project Organization – Same Organization as Customer.

    • Project Code – Condensed Name of Customer (Up to 30 Characters).

    • Billing Type – Same as Contributor Projects. (Note, if you set Billing Type to CP, ensure that you also populate a Cost Structure).

  • CONTRIBUTOR PROJECTS: Contributor projects are marked as such, via billing/invoice setup (can be done within Project profile or via import).
    • Multiple Contributors can also be assigned by selecting them from the Lead Project’s profile/billing setup screen.
    • All Time and Expenses will still be charged to individual contributor Projects. The Lead Projects serve only to aggregate charges to the Contributor projects.
    • Note: If you set Billing Type to CP, ensure that you also populate a Cost Structure.

After creating an invoice format (see link below), associate the invoice format(s) with projects. 

Additional Information

Help Docs - Project Setup for Lead/Contributor Designations

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