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Why is my Amex or <GENERIC CREDIT CARD> file importing successfully, but the amounts are showing up as "Unassociated" under Admin > Imported Expenses?


The credit card number in the import file needs to exactly match the credit card number in the person's record under People > List > edit pencil icon > Credit Cards.


  • In the import file, ensure that a person record exists which contains a referenced credit card.
  • In Unanet, ensure the person's existing credit card number in their record under People > List > edit pencil icon > Credit Cards matches the credit card number listed in the import file. 

Note: Some Amex KR1025 files actually mask the credit card number, like this:  XXXXXXXXXXXX1002.  If that is the case, then you should make the person's credit card number in Unanet match this mask.

Additional Information

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