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How do I troubleshoot the import message "FATAL: Invalid column header found"?


This may be due to special hidden characters in the headers. You can try the following:

  1. When removing data from the Excel import file, did you clear or did you delete? If you clear, extra columns will exist and result in this error.
  2. Did you choose the correct import template in the Admin > Import screen?
  3. View the headers in Textpad or Notepad to be able to view any hidden characters.
  4. Note: If you do this and see many commas leading off to the right, then delete all extraneous columns, save and re-import. After saving, when you open with Notepad, the commas should be gone.
  5. If you are using all of the columns, then you don't need the headers and can delete them.
  6. You can "clear formatting" in the Excel file on the headers.