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Why can't I create an Invoice?


  1. Ensure that you or the user has the 'Billing Manager' or 'Administrator' role under the Person Profile.
  2. If not an Admin, ensure you have Org and/or Project Access as the Billing Manager, to the project for which you're trying to create an invoice.
  3. A Draft invoice may exist for the same project. You must first complete the draft invoice by clicking the blue circle check icon in the Invoice list.
  4. Ensure that Billing set up has been completed for the Project in the project profile's left menu including the 'Generate Unanet Invoice' box.
  5. For projects with Billing Type set to 'CP', does the labor have a Cost Element? Does the project have a Cost Structure?
  6. Were you trying to post and invoice for a period that already went through a Fiscal Period Close?

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