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Why do I get an error message when I try to approve or edit a timesheet or expense report?


The most common cause of these types of errors is having a timesheet approved "out from under" the user. If a user (even an admin or manager) has a user's timesheet open and an approver approves the timesheet, the timesheet status can change to COMPLETED, LOCKED, or DISAPROVED. The user who had the timesheet open would get this error upon the next action.

It also happens to approvers while they are in the process of approving a timesheet - if the owning user edits the timesheet, which pulls the timesheet out of the approval queue and changes its status to INUSE. You may see the error "NonAdminCanEdit."

Occasionally, a user will use a bookmark or favorite to a timesheet; these will also get this type of error if the timesheet's status has changed (so that the user no longer has valid access to the timesheet).

If a user leaves their timesheet open in a browser window or tab and submits it in another (i.e., via VPN or a different computer), this "UserCanEdit" type of error can happen then as well.

Additional Information

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